lionheart lyrics – grave digger

fiery red curls cover his shoulder
he’s the ruler, no ones heart is bolder
his steel-blue eyes won’t show no fear
reflecting the suffering of war so clear
a knight, a leader, wearing englands crown
richard the lionheart wants to put the moslems down
he sets the sail, heading outremer
defending the name bears

a man like a lion
with a generous heart
for his sake thousands die
lionheart – englands pride

almighty king
freedom you’ll bring
so spread your wings
king of the kings
king philipp at his side and many knights
overcome the islam, souls painted white
he executes all prisoners, without regret
corpses cover the ground as the sun sets


akkon has fallen into richard’s hands
still war on his mind, moving to france
in one fatal moment came the end of his quest
breathing his last with an arrow in his chest

refrain (3x)

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