lions den freestyle lyrics – immortal technique


they say my words is sinister, so they plotting my death//
like nation of islam ministers did to malcolm x//

but i’m never stressed, i stay with the gat in a riot//
ready for beef like chicago with my hat to the side//

glock and the clip, locked and load with the body armor//
cold blooded, i don’t give a f*ck about karma//

because if it never comes to those who benefit from misery//
ain’t no mother f*cking way that you can ever do sh*t to me//

there’s nothing metaphysically deep, about getting shot//
p*ssing in your pants and vomiting blood on the block//

witness protection, trying to stay alive on a humble//
n*gg*s will hunt you down like dinosaurs alive in the jungle//

and don’t mumble when you trying to disrespect my bars//
i throw a chinese n*gg* at you affected with sars//

get banana boat n*gg*s to murder you for a gee//
give them a green card and get you chopped up for free//

but you ain’t even worth getting your body buried//
if you were locked up, you’ll be lap dancing for commissary//

cut the commentary, mother f*cker n*bodies cares//
you try to go to thugs mansion, but n*bodies there//

cause the judgment day for you is a empty place//
and ima send you first cl*ss with a hole in your face//

i’m taking your sp*ce n*gg*, don’t act like you know me//
cause i’ll f*ck your girl whether she likes it or not, like i was kobe//

i’m immortal technique n*gg*, you don’t want to f*ck with that//
i’ll beat the sh*t out of your b*tch, and take her trucker hat//

i’m still angry and bitter//
got n*gg*s laughing at you after you die, like john ritter//

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