livin’ hell lyrics – edge of sanity

music by swano, axelsson
lyrics by axelsson
arranged by swano, axelsson, larsson
keyboards by swano

twisted mind, malesting your own seed.
yeah, b*st*rd father you make me puke!
“your own flesh and blood”
you’re killing your own breed to satisfy
your macabre needs. she’s afraid to tace
the outside worl.a well-known h*ll before
an unknown paradise. she’s trying to kill her
memories, but she ain’t got no weapon!
yeah! she lives awaiting the end.
livin’ h*ll
she’s doomed to descend!

livin’ h*ll!
living with the spirits of death
living h*ll, living dead, living dead!

the way she’s living, the way it is.
she doesn’t know anyother life.
don’t tell anyone “be daddys little girl”
scared to silence–scared to talk,
noone listens, noone hears.
they won’t believe their livin’ lies…
she only knows one way to end it:
to stop to funktion, to make it end

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