livin in the projects lyrics – juvenile

first (only) verse:

i’m a n*gg* from the third with a h*lluva nerve
and if you cross my line then you will get served
i win lose or die this happens everyday
muthaf*ckas get killed in this game i play
i put these hands on a n*gg* cuz he talk too much
he told my business to a b*tch i had to f*ck him up
when i confronted this n*gg* he got highly upset
took off his shirt booted up then looked down to my chest,
so i slammed his *ss, the n*gg* started to kick,
i went to stompin’ in his face, f*ckin’ up his sh*t,
gave him a good *ss whippin’, then i started to steppin’,
i saw him reachin’ in his pants, i seen he was stressin’,
the n*gg*s was stuntin’, but i had mine,
five times through the chest, family outside cryin’,
on the way back home, i saw this sharp *ss lady,
polo down, hair fixed, and some gold earrings,
i asked just where she’s headed, she said “7th ward”,
release the fine b*tch out the st. bernard,
she hopped in the ride, i take the hoe to popeye’s,
got a three piece white, cold drink, and small fries
the hoe got full, we went to the rochambeaux,
took off her clothes and bust three nuts and after that i was through,
took her halfway home and told the b*tch “get on”,
didn’t give a f*ck about her cuz i gave her the bone,
everyday somebody else will get, hung by the gaffler,
n*gg*s roll down the ave., cuz i’m the neighborhood amp,
f*ckin’ around with the juvenile and you get your brains blown out,
cuz that’s what livin’ all up the project is all about

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