lock down lyrics – guttermouth

no matter how i try and try
the dirt land on my head
the push and shove of daily life
the stupid thing i’ve said
have left me wishing i was dead and gone
a silent party in my name a way to right the wrong
now i’m sick and i’m tired
you f*ck with me and i’ll f*ck with you
and i’m p*ssed so p*ssed off
nothing you say can make me stop
time is short like my fuse
bet against me a you will lose
no, i wont give up
only place i have to go is up

morning came the feelings gone
there’s nothing in my head
push the cover to the floor
stumble out of bed
whishing i was somewhere far away
a silent partner in a crime affects me everyday

now i’m sick…
…the only place i have to go is up


i want to go
so far away come again live to fight another day
lock down

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