long sermon lyrics – brad paisley

they’ve read the scripture, they’ve p*ssed the plate
and we’re both prayin’ he don’t preach late
but he’s gettin’ “amens,” and that’s just our luck
yeah, it’s eighty-five degrees outside and he’s just gettin’ warmed up

oh you and me, we could be soakin’ up that sun
findin’ out just how fast your brother’s boat’ll run
i tell you there ain’t nothin’ that’ll test your faith
like a long sermon on a pretty sunday

well it’s been rainin’ all week long
i woke up this mornin’, the dark clouds were gone
we’ve both been raised not to miss church
but on a day like today heaven knows how much it hurts


see that sunlight shinin’ through that stained gl*ss
how much longer is this gonna last


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