look around you lyrics – danny kirwan

written by danny kirwan.

have you ever seen the swallow st*tching
through a shaft of sunlight in the morning?
have you a willow bending
in wind that throws it’s way along the canyon?
has your body felt the shock of deep immersion
at the bottom of the river?
has your heart felt the hurt of someone
turns and walks away forever?

have your strapped(?) your head and tore your hair
’cause people haven’t got the love of living?
have you ground your teeth and clenched you fist
because your friends have lost the art of giving?
they don’t take the time to stop and think
of all the brothers in the world with nothing
of the man who takes the food and drink
and freedom from the hands of children dying

look around you
look around you
look around you
look around you

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