looking out for no.1 lyrics – guttermouth

there must be someone out there
who’s smiling down on me
it’s not really fair
i don’t really care
bestow no pity on thee

we all must choose a path
en route to our demise
some people say no
to a fork in the road
but i will never think twice

a wench may make you happy
but only half the time
be taking no wife
or filling my life
with heartache pain or swine

if i had my way i would roam around the world
a beer from every land and an eye on every girl
when your life is over and your time is smiling down
you’ll never have regrets looking out for number 1

i don’t need money
or fame or fancy cars
you better heed
i got what i need
no home and electric guitars

now that the end is near
a light goes on inside your head
while i was sailing the 7 seas
you were putting the children to bed

(chorus 2x)

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