loser lyrics – cotton pickers

it’s ten o’clock , early in the morning,
uhh my head , what have i done,
trough my vains it aint’t blood that’s flowing,
trough my vains runs whiskey and wine.

i wanna hold my little darling ,
but, well oh well, my baby is gone,
yes she left me with all my money,
and with my best friend, she’s on the run.

you are a loser, n*body wants you,
you are a loser, what have you done,
you are a loser, n*body needs you,
you are a loser, and now you’re alone.

i’m climbing up, the highest mountains,
i wanna jump to end it all,
but, looking down there, i know,
i’m loosing as i fall.

don’t know where you going,
don’t know where you come from,
i don’t know, why you are singing this song,
it’s on you to do the right thing, but what is right and what is wrong.

you are a loser, …

you are a loser,…

you are a loser,…

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