lost in this moment lyrics – big & rich

i see your momma and the candles
and the tears and roses
i see your daddy walk his daughter down the aisle
i feel my knees start to tremble as i tell the preacher
don’t she look beautiful tonight

all the wonderful words in my head i’ve been thinkin’
you know i wanna say them all just right
i lift your veil and angels start singin’
such a heavenly sight

lost in this moment with you
i am completely consumed
my feelings so absolute
there’s no doubt
sealing our love with a kiss
waiting my whole life for this
watching all my dreams come true
lost in this moment with you

i smell the jasmine floatin’ in the air like a love song
watch my words draw sweet tears from your eyes
we bow our heads while the preacher talks to jesus
please bless this brand new life

[chorus x2]

/ big rich lyrics