lost lyrics – riotgod

inner vistas cameras panned
gentle smile washed way like sand
people say she’s lazy fool
their remarks so quick and cruel

yet to me it isn’t clear, your campaign to disappear

you put on your best face yeh
and tell me nothings wrong
while it’s plain for all to see yeh
you’re like a bird without a song
i hope that deep within you, like green under the frost
that spirit i remember
aint forever lost

fortune smiles your way you shrink
how you feel that makes me think
doubts like vultures overhead
circling waiting to be fed

such determination, twisted misapplied
what forces deep within your, demand you be so tried
know that i am patient, more patient than the rest
consider you a challenge, put me to the test.

so h*ll bent on losing
where you comin from
i stand by watching battles i know you shoulda won
where’s your inspiration — just when did it die?
oh how i miss that glimmer that once shone from your

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