love story lyrics – rain

this is my story…
it’s true…

oh baby there’s something that i have to tell you about
cant hold it in my heart all these pain is breakin me down
thought i found my one true love couldn’t show you how i feel
i was stupid baby my pride wouldn’t let me be real

i’m asking for one more chance
didn’t know where you stand or what your feeling demanded from me
i pleaded you wouldn’t p*ss
you left me out in the rain when you just walked away

this song is a story of a true tragedy
i gave up my heart i tried to give you all of me
we’ve come to an ending somehow i dont know what to do
but i dont wanna forget now
i love you baby, i still love you
this is the sound of honesty
i gave up my heart i tried to be all i could be
my heart’s gonna wait forever
i’m still holding on to all of our moments together
i love you baby, i still love you

we were so much inlove tell me how could you forget
wish you were here with me but memories are all i have left
it seems the promises that you made to me were nothing
and you smile girl but i see you hurt within

i’m asking for one more chance
baby give me your hand so we can both understand this love
i pleaded you wouldn’t p*ss
all the pieces of my soul want to live in your heart

(repeat chorus)

gotta close the door just like you did before
see my heart is broken baby i can’t do it no more
eventhough it hurts i’ll make a brand new start
and lay to rest all the moments that played with my heart
but just before i do i gotta let you know that
no man will love you more so baby never forget
listen, i’m without you
all i know is right now, i love.i’ll always love you

(repeat chorus)

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