lower eastside lyrics – delinquent habits

1st verse:
in this little session of the promised land
where i lounge wit my homeys and i’m freakin’ my friend
i gots the 6 shoota’ down by my side
sittin’ in the ride
pop it in drive i’m rolling through the east side
lower slower down for teh dip
now hold up check teh sound flip that b*tch
there’s a party goin’ on swingin’ all night long
they come from mile around to see me freak their ________
but if a sucka’ wanna trip struttin’ up beat
i got a gang of hounds to make ’em pop teeth
i now this crazy-*ss fool, bringin’ old s*sson
i got the br*ss for your *ss,
homeboy thought you knew that…
i got homeys on the south side
i know some vatos on the east side
some my homeys wanna g-ride
we’re brining up teh lower eastside
2nd verse:
los delinquentes, trippin’ up the place i hang
hey, it’s the guera loco wit the way i sw*ng
see i be rollin through this _____
and my right hand man is keemo, un delinquente con el gloc en mi hand
es mi vida loca, i’m waistin my potential
funky wit the lower eastside fundamentals
lower rides, place between the 5 and teh 91, north of velandra
i was wit my su-man, my former kung-fu man
my name, mr. ives,(who the motha’f*ck are you man?)
well, i’ma roll this grica to let me fingers twitch
’cause the lower eastside’s up in this bithc adn…
i got homeys on teh south side
i know some vatos on teh east side
west side homeys wanna g-ride
we’re bringin’ up the lower eastside
3rd verse:
well let me think now
what do i wanna play
i got some homeys a hop skip a jump away
where i can always go and catch me a slug fest(what?)
tengo familia all the way up in teh midwest
well let me come back around the grounds where i lounge
the 40-ounce booze and lounge wit my hounds
that’s where teh homeys will be kickin’ it
(hey yo that’s the n-double guera-5, isn’t?)right
shh, escucha, here comes teh man
but i know these streets like the back of my hand
so while the swiney guy be lookin’ around
i be flippin’ a frown, as i pump my shi
because, the cuffs won’t click
the charges won’t stick
i wonder when these people gonna get the f*ck up off my d*ck
there’s nowhere you could ever take a drag boy
because i break putos of drive-bys
just a twist of teh cap from the 40 in my lap
wanna scr*p we scr*p
wanna blast i’m strapped
tell me…
chorus(reapeat 4x’s)
(music fades ’till end)

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