madness lyrics – inner thought

holding my thought
until the right moment to
anouce my life today
is so beautiful
the love the happiness i’ve recieved
it’s oh such a wonderful thing to be
happening to someone like me

are the words i say madness
am i turning into a new me
are the words i say madness to you
i say this cause it means something in my life
the love the happiness i’ve recived
it’s so wonderful to me
i never evre thought
that i’d get the chance to finally
know what it’s like

is what i say madness?
one time i just couldn’t
say anything cause i lost my words
is what i say madness to you?
forgiven forgotten the lie’s mistake’s the past
but still sometimes i think bout it
and that’s no good for yourself
a big life change i thought now
come true have i really discovered
what i might of done. to be cool

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