maggot infested fuck hole lyrics – visceral disgorge

midnight invasion of cemetery plots provides me endless
corpses to dig up and f*ck.
dead girls can’t say no.
f*cking the dead always makes me c*m so hard.
decomposing wh*r* awaits my c*ck.
the smell of rotting c*nts gets me hard.
the stench of dead flesh lingers.
maggots crawling feasting upon the decayed.
putrid stench, festering maggot f*ckholes.
squirming inside infesting this sl*t.
maggots oozing from every orifice,
i force my c*ck in her cold dead c*nt, all dried up.
pumping her putrefied p*ssy chaffing my d*ck.
balls deep in the dead.
i feel them crawling on me.
i f*ck that stiff wh*r* until i bleed.
maggots crawling on my bl**dy c*ck, enticing me to j*zz
i’m gonna shoot my seed
in this decaying wh*r*.
rotten tw*t c*m shot.

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