magpie lyrics – ian tyson

you’re an early riser
you’re a bold chastiser
always waking up my wife and i
you old coyote in the sky
some say you’re a bold deceiver
i say you’re a true believer
you know the west ain’t never going to die
just as long as you can fly
you travel all around these hills
like a gypsy
i don’t see the matter with that
your choice is meat for something to eat
i don’t have a problem with that
you build a big house
with a front and a back door
and you want to be free
holy moses magpie
i am you – you are me
walk that walk
talk that talk
sing me a song of way long ago
was it out on the trail
you got a beautiful tail
riding on the back of the white buffalo
did you cut a deal with the white buffalo?
you hand all around these hills
in the winter time
why in the h*ll would you want to do that
if it was me i’d be out of here man
give me a couple of seconds
and i’ll grab my hat
ah, magpie, you’re a pretty bird
you just want to be free
holy moses magpie
i am you – you are me

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