main street saturday night lyrics – carole king

see them drivin’ by
look at them fancy wheels
headlights winkin’
checkin’ each other out
the great american pastime
is still the automobile
cruisin’ on the white line
is the only way to make time

down on main street, sat*rday night
eevrybody thinks they’re so cool
on main street sat*rday night
don’t you mess with him (her), daddy,
he’s (she’s) n*body’s fool

look at the blonde beauties,
givin’ all they got
maybe if you hit on one,
you might luck out
soem of them are foxy
some of them are not
but all of them will get down
if the right thing comes around

here comes little willie
higher than a kite
he’s been doin’ some
heavy duty hangin’ out
if willie’s got a line on
some of the best
it’s got to be dynamite
you know you can trust him
if the law don’t bust him

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