make you mine lyrics – heather nova

you’re the one i think about time after time
you’re the one that comes to me,
visions in the night
i want to complicate your feelings
i want to heat you up inside
yeah, i wanna make you mine

i’ll be your sun coming up
i’ll be your dog days
i’ll be your new morning
kiss you baby
i’ll be the bluebird singing
i’ll keep you warm
i’ll take you deep in

gonna make my bed beside you
in the bluebells of your soul
gonna slip into your river, linger in your shoals
and when the stars are bright like fireflies
and the night is black as coal
i’m gonna make you mine


on another side of time
before the sea runs dry
on another side of time
where the love runs high
i’m gonna make you mine
make you mine, make you mine

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