man of iron lyrics – sandy denny

where are you riding to, sir knight?
alone and armed for war?
if not to fight for right, sir knight
then what are weapons for?

why do you hide your face, sir knight?
within the face of iron?
the more you shield your eyes from light
the more you’ll make them blind

turn your horse for home, sir knight
your hawk and hounds are waiting
your lady does not sleep at night
she fears the hand of fate tonight

turn your face towards the sun
and listen to the minutes run
oh, can’t you feel the warning breeze
and hear the whisper in the trees?

look behind you, man of iron
and your children call and do not find you
and a wall of silent laughter
scorns the chorus of their cries

was this the end you chose, sir knight?
was this why you were born so bright?
the wolves will chew your bones tonight
it is your brother’s hand you hold so tight

your brother’s blood, your brother’s life
your brother’s love, your brother’s knife

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