man strikes god falls lyrics – mastiphal

heavy clouds borne by the wind
crashing into the cliffs
rumbling in the blackened forest
hurling its thunders down canyons

thunder lights up the twilight of gloom
the tempest it rages in valleys
twilight’s sparkle flickers uncertain
nighttime mist coils up like smoke

angels they bind their wings all torn
then hurl themselves into gorges
shrouded in their cloaks of clouds
crying they melt in the fog

the night it spreads thick darkness around
only the torches now flicker
whispers splinter the unsteady silence
the chase has begun, the hunt is on

the din of splitting rocks rings so hollow
waves of air rustle mysteriously
murmurs and hisses fill up the night
long drawn out thunder like a battlesign

ascending onto the trail of stars
to lift the veil clouding our sight
forget the collar and rise!
subject to laws he reaches for freedom

man strikes, god falls

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