manson lamps lyrics – endwell

change is coming/change is coming now
this world has forced you down/time is running
time is running out/signs are all around
life has shut you out/beat you to the ground
been looked down upon/hope has led you on
lifted your spirits just enough to break them down
all vultures…you’ll burn in h*ll
snakes and thieves with h*rns and scales
all vultures burning
p*ssive dreams lead to discontent
you’re blindly led by ignorance
all the malice burning in your eyes
from failed attempts at living life
you’ve failed again/you don’t deserve this life
you’re failing/all vultures…you’ll burn in h*ll
all the power you could have held
all the love that you could have felt
all the people you pushed to the side
all for nothing/you’ve wasted your life
wasted/your life…
you’re wasted

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