mark’s ark lyrics – guttermouth

why? don’t vegans have cows for pets?
why? don’t they keep them in their apartments?
rights take a chimp to vote in ’96
my god cows are smart as a stick

if you really want to make a difference
buy a herd and then go set them free
instead you just eat carrots and do absolutely nothing

if c*ck roaches roam the halls
at night they fester on your b*lls
a feeding frenzy on your dinner plate
don’t grab the raid or a shoe
remember they’ve got rights to
resist the urge to go and fumigate

cows with a i.q. of .08
rats ready to spread the plague
rabbits pour shampoo in their eyes
blind better theirs instead of mine

lunch a carrot sandwich sure sounds great
live my life around the veggie plate
protest write lame songs and complain
march with little signs of porky pig

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