mausoleum lyrics – nominon

the horror of the mausoleum
no rest even in your grave
taken to the next dimension
to forever serve as their slave

a plague across the land
spreads death and desolation
drain the world of life
into abomination

humans moan
across the cemetery
the morbid secret of the mortuary

oh, an empty casket
inside your tomb
your afterlife in endless gloom

haunted by visions
nightmare a stalking fear
trapped in the marbled maze
visions of the sphere

descend to the other side
through the blood red sky
enthralled and deformed
you go to h*ll when you die

the unearthed graves lie dismal
you can hear shadows walk away
the oncoming breeze of death
shines as the darkest of days

ascend to the other side
let the funeral begin
deformed by gravity
feel the torture grow within

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