maybe i have alzheimer’s… …at least i don’t have alzheimer’s lyrics – ennui breathes malice

remember! i’ll always remember who i am!
peer beyond the cataracts and through your clouded
welcome the birth of mental demise – welcome, to the
failure of function!
befriend this anonymity as all you have; i too question
this ego, but hold no shame for the millions of tears i
caused to plague your cheeks and flood the floor –
flood with remorse! where is the shame? there is no
sp*ce for shame!
now timereveals you bear a blemish on your mind;
life creates rhyme without reason! we sit c*ck in hand
like fools!
hold your swollen c*ck – begin to pull…..
nightly repose follows harsh masturbation; in a pulse
of sheer exhaustion,
i feel no remorse for the thousand times i’ve f*cked
your face in my perverted mind – inside our minds!
where is the shame? no f*cking room for shame!
you dream! but not of me! don’t you dare! don’t you
dare ever think of me!
don’t you f*cking dream of me? don’t you dare think of
don’t you ever f*cking dream of me? by scorn or the
slow decay of time, my p*ssing
will not mean anything more than a sudden murmur of
your fossilised heart!
(mummified heart – open your heart)
before the fountain has dried, i will not have
forgotten your name……
will you forget?

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