me and howard hughes lyrics – boomtown rats

hand me down a strong panacea,
one that’s guaranteed to make me feel like hercules,
there’s flies everywhere, buzzing in the air,
filling my body with filth and disease… and i think,

he thinks he should develop a complex,
he thinks that he really owes it to himself,
his friends’ll all say he’s looking sick and unhealthy
an’ then he can wallow in sweet self-neglect

oh oh yeah… he’s gonna

lock himself up in his room
shutter the windows and bolt all the doors,
wrap himself round in his wall street coc**n
he’s painting the ceiling, the walls and the floor,

he’s gonna lock himself up in his room
and when he emerges have a new change of style,
he keeps saying things like it’s me and howard hughes
you’d wana watch out for that dangerous smile.

oh, oh yeah…

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