media men lyrics – citizen fish

with detailed precision nothing omitted/made the incision cut to what ahed/
none of the trends/none of the friends of the packiaging crew/who seels of
the image of who buys who/none of it fits/on the shelf it sits/what the rest
of us have/is being sold with a laugh/by the media men/in some hope for a
trend/and when their ends meet/the next pose on a street/will be the new com-
plete set of rules/sold by liars and bought by fools/when the clothe gets
thin/and your shoes begin to show your feet/how far can you walk?/at the bill-
board talk at the end of the street?/when the radio times/set the rate of de-
cline to a b*st*rdised beat/does your sun still shine/on the neon signs at the
side of the street?/make the incision/it’s an easy decision/rejecting the gods
of consumer religion/fashion and popstars/setting the trends/pulling the
strings are the media men

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