merchants of shame lyrics – loss

cult of warped perversion, dark conspiracy
mesh of depredation, s*xual lunacy
abhorrent s*d*stic, garbled souls arise
eternal submission, the abducted cries

merchants of shame
pervert is your name
drop the latch, the virgin writhes in pain
frail spasmodic fingers grasp in vain
grim humiliation running wild
another vanished and deflowered child

misanthropic culprits, diabolic games
living dead and haunted in eternal shame
wretched eyes of sorrow, ruined soul in pain
life with no tomorrow in this world insane

succ*mb to mad temptation and cold demonic l*st
like lambs to the slaughter in horror and disgust
immured in this sepulcher, angels forlorn of hope
remorseless perpetrator, torture beyond our scope

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