metalized injection lyrics – thy wicked

we’re the outlaws
defenders of metal
come in our lines
we’re fighting side by side
don’t be afraid
the gods save us
it’s a holy battle
we’re all allys of glory and might

thousand brothers screaming
hail, hail, hail
banging their heads
and do the devil’s sign
heavy sound
metal will prevail
united forever
all for one

our axes we raise high
with the power of the north
the enemy must die
wardrums press on to destruction
retribution leads my hand
will give a metalized injection

we will give you
a metalized injection

we’re coming there’s no return
you’re diseased
we bring you the heal
hey, wimps and posers
you must burn
that’s the way
our laughter is peal

we all are warriors
we fight for metal
our preparation are
leather, rivets and chains
come in our lines
and meet us at the battle
at last metal will remain

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