metastasis of chaos lyrics – formless terror

creation squall’s before the sword of chaos supremacy
infested by obscure forms of incestuous impurity
gnawed from within, devoured and defiled from outside
scorched manifest of our victorious ascension!!

we are the firstborn of unrest..!!
continuously devouring the patterns of sp*ce

we exist in nothing yet dispute all
instruments of choronzon …the merciless tyrants will!!

we oppress the, flourishing of life!!
primordial eminence, of scorn full fanaticism
chaos metastasis!!!!

boundaryless is the source of our scorn
usurper ent*ty …pale effigy of *ssimilation
sovereign chaos beasts…descendants of the chaos star!!

all hail the collapse of grace
all rise!!! to great the scorn bearer
the bringer of choronzon’s wrath
conceiver of the firstborn of unrest!

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