midnight passenger lyrics – common rider

i stepped out on a celluloid night
that flickered on a black and white reel
looking for something that i could not explain
i could only feel
these were the songs upheld by the shades
that spoke to me as i left town
israelites, the harder they come, 54-47*
i hear them now
and the words of the prophets never sounded
as good as the echo of a hard one drop
to be forever enslaved by a sound the creator
made- don’t let it stop

come again, midnight p*ssenger
there to accompany down
to the end of the souls tlost avenue
feel it now

i kept walking in the dust all night
looking for a diamond in the crush
halfway under in bars like a shop that was going
down-or coming up
it was not the sun that stung, but the feel of loss
and the voice of suffering and fate
till i just stopped listening to the chatter of all
those yesterdays- crime pays

we will show up with all our secret problems
and even if we can’t find land
there’s a tone written into soul songs
that understands
we will be free

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