mind over matter lyrics – iron savior

am i alive, do i exist
am i the goddess of justice
a body of metal, a mind made of circuits
although i think and i’m conscious
what is my species, where is my soul
or am i dead as a rock

is this my spirit or just a program
written on memory blocks

what is my aim
i am what can’t be
a mind in a digital brain

it is the mind – mind over matter
the power has brought me to live
in lakes of doubts and oceans of my questions
i had to dive
give me guidance – in torrents of time
give me answers – creators of mine from the past
mind over matter at last

so much to learn, so much to see
so many things to explore
too little i know, am i a being
or just a failure at all

please heal my pain
the silence of ungiven answers
will drive me insane

it is the mind – mind over matter

conscious or dead – beginning or end
mind of circuits – heal the pain
going insane – lakes of doubts
torrents of time – oceans of questions
creators of mine
answers i need guidance i want
conscious or dead – beginning or end

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