misty lyrics – aretha franklin

oh look, just look at me
i’m as helpless as a kitten up a tree
i feel like i’m clingin’ to a cloud
i can’ t understand
why i get misty, holding your hand

walk my way
and a thousand violins begin to play
or is it the sound of your h*llo dear
that music i hear
oh why i get misty, whenever you’re near

you can see that you’re leading me on?
but it’s just, just what i want you to do
can i help it, how hopelessly i’m lost
that’s why i’m following you

and on my own, see on my very own
that i wander through this great big wide world all alone
never knowing my right hand from my left
my hat from my glove
i’m too misty, too much in love
i say i’m just too misty
very very very much in love

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