moments of delight lyrics – ivory tower

since was born into this world
i’ve been longing to take my place
but every chair that i reached seemed engaged
everyone said i shouldn’t be there
if life was a movie and i were the headliner
would the audience celebrate me?
this is one question of thousands and millions
that has been torturing me

i’m digging down, down, digging down, down

close to the abyss i fall back into habits
in a nutsh*ll … it breaks my fall
didn’t want to hear clever advice
always thought mine was the best of all
tried to prove black is white, changed the day into
hurt without noticing it
in the end of it all remains nothing at all
but loneliness and infinite fall

i’m digging down, down, digging down, down

but when you feel the love is there
you’re overwhelmed, your hearts aware
these are the days of peaceful life
these are the moments of delight

over the day my shadow are haunting me
afraid of the whole world around
hard on the surface but weakness there under
flavored with fear to the core


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