money and power lyrics – john watts

the last few days have taken a heavy toll.
i spit twice and stare at the porcelain bowl.
i was woken up this morning by the radio alarm
and found that i had lost the circulation in my arm.
the neighbours’ girls play chopsticks through the wall.
no chance what chance have i?
to change things why should i try?
it’s dangerous it’s turning s0ur.
what everyone wants is money and power.
what everyone wants is money and power.

a demonstration a quarter of a million strong.
i rub my eyes i know that i should have gone.
i look into the mirror i think i’ve got a chill
i’ll go down to the surgery not feeling very well.
the national news still managed to play it down.
no chance
i hear the door and reach out to find a towel
i have to go there’s n*body else around.
i stand there in the doorway i know i don’t look good
it’s only men delivering another load of wood
our leader still wants blood in her finest hour.
no chance
what everyone wants is money and power

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