more money, more cash, more hoes (remix) lyrics – jay-z

(feat. beanie siegel, memphis bleek & dmx)

jay-z talking:

turn the lights even lower!
memphis bleek
beanie seigels (uh huh)
roc-a-fella y’all (yeah yeah)
dmx: jigga, my n*gg*, rhyme all night

verse one, jay-z:

to the top wit my n*gg*s
pop wit my n*gg*s
drive by in whips, rock rocks wit my n*gg*s
break day on the hottest block wit my n*gg*s
just cause i (dmx)love my n*gg*s (uh huh)
chill wit the crew (uh huh)
real wit the crew
4 million sold, look- still wit the crew
break bread wit the fam
till i’m dead wit the fam
duck cops. shake feds wit the fam
flip them pies wit my hustlas (uh huh)
ride for my hustlas
die for my, lie for my, cry for my hustlas
roll wit my duns (uh huh)
cold wit the guns (uh huh)
if he slow wit my ones h*t the floor when i come
i f*ck wit them hoes that f*ck wit them clothes
that’s real wit them shoes, keep it real wit they dudes
i’m sick wit the flow and this is all i know
more money, more cash, more hoes beyachhhh!

chorus, jay-z (dmx): 2x’s

more money, more cash, more hoes (what)
more money, more cash, more hoes (uh)
more money, more cash, more hoes (come on)
more money, more cash, more hoes (what, what, what)

verse two, memphis bleek:

ay yo, m-e-m-p-h-i-s bleek
no need to dress warm, i brought plenty of heat
y’all can’t do nothing with this here
for one, i pack three 9s like the year
y’all funny money hustlas
7 gram hustlas
type to bust a o down wit ya man hustlas
i hold bank dough, dough 6-5-4
while you ho talk that, look for a walk dough
petty crime n*gg*s
petty time n*gg*s
sold petty drugs came up wit petty thugs
now you got game in you
wanna be a menace and you got kane in you
i’ll put them thangs in you
i’m a hot lil’ n*gg*
i ain’t gotta tell n*gg*s
you came too deep, one fell n*gg*s
i’m layin in the cut but still don’t give a f*ck
roc-a-fella forever, memph man, what what

chorus 2x’s

verse three, beanie seigel:

peep the kid from p-h-i-l-l-y
north west south west south side
spit it for them b*tches and n*gg*s who stay fly
b-mack, roc-a-fella till i die
met jay, dropped on a alb*m in a week
without unsigned hype or battle of the beats
the first time n*gg*s heard me spit it in the streets
i gave y’all a thousand bars wit memphis bleek
stay strapped, heat in the car under the seat
6 hammers even though we only 3 deep
we clap up n*gg*s
smack up n*gg*s
duck tape, rope, and wrap up n*gg*s
think sh*t a joke, go head crack up n*gg*s
get treated like coke and get capped up n*gg*s
the only thing funny
is y’all never seen big face money
till them big face 20s

chorus 2x’s

jay-z talking:

roc-a-fella sh*t
1999 (uh huh)
you about to witness a dynasty (you are not ready) unlike no other
get down or lay down ya heard!
no publishin’ for n*gg*s
i know y’all n*gg*s wonderin, like:
when them n*gg*s gone stop? (come on)
we got a date for you-
february 31st, 19-neva hate (haha)
i know y’all n*gg*s ready to kill yaself, too
just go head and do it!
jump off a buildin, slit ya wrists!
just do it!
the world’ll be a better place (haha)
beanie seigel
memphis bleek
hovah hovah
ya heard me!

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