more than friends lyrics – home grown

thinkin’ about her give me inspiration
but for what i’m not sure
maybe it’s not love, and just infatuation
well i know i need something more
than to be just friends
’cause being friends in not enough
girl can’t you see, this distance between us is killing me
that’s why i gotta know
“why can’t we be more that just friends?”
i lie awake at night frustrated and uptight
wondering if she’s with someone else
constantly depressed
i’m hopelessly obsessed
i can’t understand why she
won’t be more than just friends
’cause being friends does not suffice
i need advice on what i’m doing wrong
i feel so down
that’s why i gotta know
“why can’t we be more than just friends?”
and i know that you don’t love me anymore
that’s what you told me on the phone.
so i’ll go and buy a 6-pack at the store
a drunken fool all alone

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