more than half lyrics – david choi

if you want to play that game
then i have nothing to say
if you want to take my soul
and then not mend this hole

i just wanted to know your heart
i never wanted this to start
i wanted to trust you baby

why, couldn’t you give me everything you had
’cause you know i gave you everything i had
everything i had, to you

why, couldn’t you love me more than only half
baby you know i gave you more than half
more than half, of me

now i got to keep moving on
and find another perfect soul
but how can i turn the page
when i only think about your face

i just wanted to feel your love
i’m back to where i started
i wanted this to work out baby


more than half, more than half of me

oh where did it go wrong baby, oh babe oo
oh i’m so lonely and hurt
oh girl why couldn’t it work


more than half
of me

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