move the car lyrics – lagwagon

the story it grows older,
the story is no story here
i never knew what it is,
and there’s no sign of it ending
as i am it and ought to be,
they’re telling me i am


bowling race car driver,
superficial hitman you’re
on the list at every door,
you don’t bowl or race fast cars
composition compet*tion you drive
just because i don’t go,
to the church where you reside
i might as well go for it,
the nineties won’t be back again
until i’m forty-eight years old
i can be the hungry,
as i eat my words again,
appealing yet apalling
rising to my falling,
i’m going to extreme ends,
i’m gagging on their scene

[repeat chorus]

you shift, i’m the driver,
over time in it’s defense,
i move their car
and for a moment it makes sense,
but i fail them in the end
in the arms of old age,
knowing only one to lose
feeling nothing more to hide,
consider life a forgery
as you? re gagging on your scene,
admit to fraudulence
driven to this thought,
death is certain, faith is not

[repeat chorus]

composition compet*tion
you drive compet*tion
i’m losing i fail it in the end

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