moving on lyrics – last tuesday

all i can see are lonely faces
looking for ways to fill their empty sp*ces
seems to me time doesn’t matter round this place
so i? m getting out before it’s too late

i gotta keep
moving on
moving on (it’s better than running)
moving on

too many reasons to be worried
too many times i should’ve cared
too many reasons to be sorry
too many times i’m running scared


who watches whenever i run away
who hears when i call
who listens when i’ve nothing to say
who’ll hear me at all?

chorus (with ad libs) to fade

produced by david rosenthal
words and music – jane
lead vocals _ jane
backing vocals – jane/david rosenthal
programming – david rosenthal
b*ss guitar – enrico milieu
piano – reg webb
guitar – jane / david rosenthal

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