mr. negativity lyrics – esham

yo, 313 d-e-t
remember me
the one ya gotcha ideas from, oh my god
look i gotta gun, so you better run

f*ck everybody in the industry, i be
mr. negativity sleepin with my uzi
f*ck the five mics you givin me
i’ll take you on a journey journalist, insane’s how i’m livin see
i’m livin like a n*gg* straight outta jail
down on his luck, ain’t got no money but i gotta gun and some sh*lls
oh h*ll, might as well pull the trigga
on every snake n*gg*, when he slither
b*tch i ain’t happy i flow bitter
take a louisville bat to ya head, crack
but then again, should i just slit his throat?
for sayin my f*ckin name in that rhyme he wrote
should i kill yo wife and ya child
for tryin to *ss*ssinate me n my style?
b*tch please, hoe please
catch these bullets when i squeeze
i shoot

mr. negativity
negative, negative, negative
i squeeze

i ain’t got sh*t positive to say
about any rapper on the mic today
cause ain’t no rap groups out that i know
that make me wanna listen to the hoe *ss radio
all i hear is motherf*ckers tryin ta make a comeback
with pop styles or 50 n*gg*z on a track
that sh*t is wack, ya need ta be smacked
with the grill of the cadillac
soldiers always tryin ta bite somethin
cause they know deep down they b*tch *ss can’t write nothin
n*gg*z steal ya raps quicker than ya dana’s
so i’mma start murderin entertainers
hole in ya head for bein famous
everybody know you stupid, now you really brainless
shameless and nameless, catch these missles when i am this


everybody and they momma wanna busta f*ckin rap
step in the ring and get walked on like a doormat
far as the radio goes f*ck ya format
cause detroit city is where we war at
i don’t giva f*ck n*gg*
i squeeze triggas, my gun’s bigger
i blast em, bucks ’em, motherf*cks em
don’t let em hear no omi new sh*t you can’t trust em
cause n*gg*z be runnin outta ideas
and they’ll still steal a n*gg*z sh*t still
how come ya new cd sound just like my last alb*m?
catch the dum dums
and come up


negative, negative negative
negative, negative, negative

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