mrs.right-wannabe lyrics – innpeach

(pt lauren)
i am a superlover
never , ever can you choose another
just have me , only me
i need more so i´m never lonely
i really wanna be liked
she´s taken for granted , formed all too serious
i know it´s not her fault
that i´m a little tainted , a little delirious
well she really thinks we are match for life
sorry , we are good , yeah, but not enough for me
oh , have a good one mrs.right-wannabe
i am , i´m really something
sucker , jerk i´m all that you need for longing
i break your dreams like a man
i´m so sure , do you understand
that i really wanna be liked
can´t see that i´m a geek
just turn the other cheek
it´s b*tch-time and everything´s for me
oh yeah man , anything i need
i wanna be liked

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