murphy in the sky with daemons lyrics – pin-up went down

what side will it be?
oh what oh what side will it be?
the b*ttered side if bread agrees
oh what oh what side will it be?
brain upside down the law on knees
and marmelade on my levis…
oh what a pretty awaited
happy day of sh*t!

h*llo every happy bird
i’m starting my day
and i realise i realise
c’est d’ja la merde
et comme il faut!
i’m sick of the winks
of the evil eye,
hope we will squint
et comme il faut!

here is the law
of lonely days!

and you try to understand
but there’s something
more to see…

glad to live
this f*cking stuff
my socks are already wet
d*mned! tell me… what?
everything’s ok!
(just wait for more!)
sh*t! my keys in da gully hole
and a hole where it tangles…
pire! tell me what? everything’s ok!
(that could be worst…)
and then it rains and you feel
and then it fails and you feel like fate has disobeyed
and then you think that you’re born
under a star full of scorn and it was not your day
and now you fail and you feel
and now it rains and you feel like you’re in the wrong way
beware of the law! beware of the law! c’est la loi des series!
d*mned! my wife wetter than my socks… in my bed with my friend!
pire! tell me… what? everything’s ok!
(could have been your dad!)
though you don’t believe you’re a chosen one
you feel like you were followed by a neverending april fools day
a slice of bread choosing to fall… the b*ttered side against the floor
and the story is known… (let the saw sings right now!)
what side will it be on this pretty day of sh*t?
wrong side for wrong mind with the acrid taste of curse above your head
as an uncertain list of ends…
cheer up! there will be only one.

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