mush mush lyrics – clancy brothers

mush mush
oh, ’twas there i learned readin’ and writin’,
at bill brackett’s where i went to school,
and ’twas there i learned howlin’ and fightin’
with me schoolmaster, mister o’toole.
him and me we had many a scrimmage,
an’ divil a copy i wrote;
there was ne’er a gossoon in the village
dared tread on the tail o’ me…
cho: mush, mush, mush toor-i-li-ady
mush, mush, mush toor-i-li-ay
there was ne’er a gossoon in the village
dared tread on the tail o’ me coat.
oh, ’twas there that i learned all me courtin’
o the lessons i took in the art!
till cupid, the blackguard, while sportin’
an arrow drove straight through my heart.
miss judy, she lived just forinst me,
and tender lines to her i wrote,
if ye dare say one hard word agin her
i’ll tread on the tail o’ yer…
but a blackguard called mickey maloney,
came an’ stole her affections away
for he’d money and i hadn’t any,
so i sent him a challenge next day.
in the evenin’ we met at the woodbine
the shannon we crossed in a boat,
an’ i lathered him with me shillelagh
for he trod on the tail o’ me…
oh, me fame went abroad through the nation,
an’ folks came a-flockin’ to see
an’ they cried out, without hesitation
“you’re a fightin’ man, billy mcghee!”
oh, i’ve cleaned out the finnegan faction
an’ i’ve licked all the murphys afloat,
if you’re in for a row or a ruction,
just tread on the tail o’ me…
recorded by patric galvin, clancys (i think), featured in film
“the quiet man”
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