my brutus lyrics – happy days

i know it’s better deep down in the ground
then to stand here and listen to your hurtful
sounds. why would you ever leave me on this
cold floor to bleed away everything we stood
for. you were my last great hope…
now i ask you, why?
i thought you were my only friend but now
that we have reached our lonely end. now
i see the dagger is in my back and i didn’t
see it coming. the times i’ve bled don’t you
remember when the snow turned red back in
december. i loved you more than any other
i would have given my life for you but it
seems that you have taken it from me…
why my friend? how did we end this?
answer me my friend, why?
the darkness sets so as i say my last words.
they won’t be ones of hate, when you see
my corpse you will realize your mistake, don’t
cry for me my friend it’s too late…

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