my burst balloon lyrics – catch

i’m not aware that pushing forward const*tutes an advance.
that memory’s best served by one backward glance;
but i’m concerned for people like you who think it’s okay to do what you do to me.
well it’s not. you see.
yes. i am scared that if i challenge you. you’ll push me away.
or strike me dumb when i have so much to say.
i’ve practiced these words. yet now they accuse.
my heart’s fit to burst with all i could lose from love. did i choose love?
oh . my burst balloon. oh my shattered dreams.
oh. my so -called life. this tired tune. my burst balloon.
i don’t agree: if you can’t kiss another you’re not free?
go satisfy your l*st – forget about me.
but what will it mean when everyone’s gone? your body is queen.
your mind carries on empty. it was not meant to be.
i won’t be scared: i won’t hold back . i’ll make my point . i’ll seek my fact.
i won’t be quiet. won’t settle down. you picked me up. you hung around.
for now it’s my turn to do the same? i never played those games.

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