my crime lyrics – deviates

connotation, a word, a phrase, my crime
you can kiss my connotation
a word, a phrase, my crime
free to speak my mind

they find you face down
and they start to look around
they turn you face up
and you say that you’re proud

you know and handle your sh*t
they question what you have to say
put on trial for self-expression
you smile and walk away

before you speak why should you have to look around?
say what you mean, say f*ck, a verb and a noun
a complex, flexible word, it’s said
it’s heard and then it’s gone

hang a man for what he says today
tomorrow you’ll hear it in a song
all these words that you love to hate
are not necessary for me

but then again, i won’t change my ways
i won’t change to meet your needs
told to hold you tongue and watch what you say
choose your words wisely

freedom is the price you have to pay
give your sh*t to me, give your sh*t away
now, you’re put in your place and in your place you’ll stay
f*ck is a word that doesn’t mean sh*t to me

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