my enemy divine lyrics – mephistopheles

arise from holiness
as i have lost the will to forgive
p*ssive throughout the centuries
the source of hatred shalt be my gift

lay thy hands in mine
the secret that thou hidest, my enemy divine
hath focussed cosmic wrath upon the grace of thine

thy empire
it falls by the ignorance of thy word
no longer to be heard on earth
the tyrant still to be unseen
disguising her impaling destiny
lay her hands in mine
my enemy divine

blood of mine flows in her body
her soul is as clean as thine
has been in my eyes before
thy truth arose from a different mind
i swear these words on holy earth
“die verachtung des lebens erzwingt den sinn
bis in die ewigkeit”

where else if not of hatred shalt these eternal powers be granted
that enforce me to exist, destroying thy creation
against all that has been, remaining contradiction
may a goddess rise from my blood
all to feel that i have lost

for she who knows my destiny
which they won’t understand
has seen the ent*ty without disguise
i await the day when she’ll rise
from the ruins of my shattered soul
although the feelings that we share
i’m yearning for an end
thus, death can’t take my hand
leave rebellion behind
my enemy divine

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