my flowers are still in your wastebasket lyrics – fallen angels

silent, dark night
the storm had just p*ssed by
things have settled down again
after a long fight
the smoke slowly clears
but clouds still drop the rain
this house now is empty
’cause you took what i didn’t give you
and i was pleased to see you smiling
even if we reached the end
sunny morning
for a chaothic day
comp*ssion fades away
now you know
i don’t want you to go
but i don’t want you to stay
i can’t say i love you
’cause i’m not sure i hate you
but i know i don’t wanna see your face
at least not now
lonely walking
down your street
right to your door
i knocked two, three, or four times
in silence thinking
while you spoke
i guess that i was dreaming
’cause i thought i heard you say you’re sorry
but my flowers are still in your wastebasket…

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