my kingdom for a car lyrics – jason & the scorchers

i have found my freedom
you will find me flyin’ down a highway of gold
my shirt sleeves are rolled
laying waste for a pot of gold
i go fast ’till i’m going faster
look how far we’ve come look how far
my car my car
my kingdom for a car
how i love the highway
picks me up and takes me wherever i please
bring sp*ce to its knees
i am master of all that’s flying by me
take me to tomorrow
let me go i’m racin’ with the wind in my hair
there’s smoke in the air
but i do not care
if you want me you will have to p*ss me
come to me baby
we will leave this path it was not made for man
we’ll find a new land
but the traffic is jammed
i would park but it’s too far for walking

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