my last words lyrics – esham

devilish rockin’ in h*ll
mind of a psycho funk i sell
the u-n-h-o-l-y just as well
i think i gotta buzz from the quart of champelle
time to get wicked watch me kick it
and i’m a throw it in your face until your sick of it
you see the radio won’t play my music
if i say suck my d*ck they refuse it
f*ck the radio now what ‘cha wanna do
f*ck 107.5 and channel 62
f*ck the new dance show also
“i’m sick of that sh*t, listen to the hit”
and any motherf*cker who doubts me
close your mouth ’cause you don’t know sh*t about me
i got a whole new att*tude, i still get rude
i still kick wicked sh*t and i ain’t changin’ sh*t
f*ck censorship i say suck my d*ck
back to back with a ho and a b*tch
and all y’all suckas can suck my b*lls
and if i’m goin’ to h*ll, i’m goin’ out sayin’ f*ck y’all
yeah i got some last words
f*ck all y’all
b*tches, n*gg*z, parents, teachers
the radio, the church house, and the preacher
suck my d*ck till i die
you think i give a f*ck if i make your grandma cry
b*tch get real, ’cause i’m a get ill
some n*gg* tryin’ to dis me? now be for real
i got the funk i flow, just to f*ck ya ho
and i’m cold gettin’ p*ssy ’cause your b*tch said so
f*ck reverend night, while i rock the mic
better lock your doors on devil’s night
’cause i’m a crucafix and let loose the mix
and for the punks who don’t like me let loose my d*ck
turn the noise up and watch me tear it up
and if ya ain’t singin’ with me shut the f*ck up
i’m gonna make ya holler, while i clock big dollars
while your b*tch is cold screamin’ my name, yes y’all
for all y’all hopin’ for my downfall
f*ck all y’all
on your fm band, i get banned off the radio dial
i get buck wild, now i gotta style
that just won’t quit
and if you don’t like it just suck my d*ck
the u-n-h-o-l-y son of a b*tch
cold holdin’ my d*ck ’cause i’m doin’ this sh*t
how this sh*t be done rappin’ son of a gun
you said you saw me with the devil, but i ain’t the one
so try to fess me, or even test me
but f*ck you and elvis presley
i’m sick of that dead motherf*cker let him die
everybody always comin’ with an alibi
now they say he ain’t dead, he livin’ in texas
when all the b*tches on the planet think i’m s*xist
f*ck elvis presley he can suck my nuts yes
what he meant to you, i give a f*ck less
and i don’t care about you, her, or him
it’s long, tall, short, fat e-s-h-a-m
and to all the ones that hope for my downfall
it’ll never happen so f*ck all y’all

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